Khan vs Brook – Who’s the real A-side?

Khan vs Brook – Who’s the real A-side?

It just has to happen, doesn’t it? Two huge names in British boxing, who have been trash-talking each other for what feels like the best part of a decade – both have been world champions, both have been involved in huge global fights and both, I think it’s fair to say, are on the decline.

There’s no doubting the fact it’s the biggest money fight for both men, and it would all seem pretty pointless for Eddie Hearn to sign Khan if he didn’t think he could get them in the ring together.

However, there is of course that same old stumbling block – money. While the two of them will be taking a hefty purse regardless, they’ll both feel they are the bigger pull and therefore deserve the lion’s share. So, who truly is the A-side of this all-British blockbuster?

The Case for Khan

1530190148-Amir Khan.jpg

If you were to walk down any street in Britain, and ask random strangers if they’d heard of Amir Khan, a fair few would say yes. Kell Brook? Not so much. If you were to do the same in America, you’d get the same result.

The Olympic silver medallist is without doubt the more recognisable of the two, and has one of the biggest celebrity profiles of any British boxer in recent history. A stint in ‘I’m a Celebrity’ only served to connect him to the public further, and now he’s fighting in the UK again, people are interested in him as a boxer as well as a celebrity.

In addition to this, he is always exciting to watch. He has that devastating hand speed that can blast anyone out in the early rounds, and as we know, he has a vulnerable chin and a tendency to lose focus and get caught. This showed more than ever in his clash with Samuel Vargas – a fight that was far more entertaining than it was ‘supposed’ to be. When he’s in the ring, you can pretty much guarantee drama.

The Case for Brook


While he may not be as widely well-known as Khan, Brook is a big favourite among true British boxing fans – you know, the people who actually buy tickets to watch boxing. For all those people that would recognise Amir Khan on the street, how many of them would actually buy a ticket to watch him fight?

Eddie Hearn has already said this fight will be pay-per-view, and of the people that were endeared by Amir’s fear of snakes in the jungle, who would actually pay to watch him box, whether in the arena or on TV?

You have to actually like boxing to pay to watch it, and people that like boxing tend to like Kell Brook. While a few were quick to criticise when he seemingly pulled out vs Errol Spence Jr, the man was at risk of permanently losing his sight in one eye, not once but twice. The fact he is still willing to step through those ropes shows he is nothing short of an absolute warrior.


In Britain, among true boxing fans that will pay to watch a fight, Brook for me has the bigger appeal. However, he is also the man most likely to compromise to make the fight happen, and for that reason it may be Khan who ends up with the bigger purse. Perhaps they could settle on a winner takes more agreement? Seems unlikely. What do you guys think? Let us know who is the a-side, and who wins the fight, in the comments below.

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