RingUnion Tops 5's - Pay-Per-View Matches That Should Have Happened At WrestleMania!

RingUnion Tops 5's - Pay-Per-View Matches That Should Have Happened At WrestleMania!

Now even though WrestleMania is the biggest night of the year in WWE, and all of professional wrestling for that matter, there are still 11 months worth of pay-per-view events that need big matches to get the big figures that Vince McMahon wants.

However some matches are so big and so mouth watering to us fans that they only really have one platform of which they should be showcased and that platform is the show of shows, the granddaddy of them all, WrestleMania!

So join me as I count down my Top 5 PPV Matches That Should Have Happened At WrestleMania!

Number 5 – The Shield vs The Wyatt Family (Elimination Chamber 2014)

The Wyatt's vs The Shield.jpg

I can't remember ever being so excited for a tag team match in my life! These 6 men going face-to-face on Monday Night Raw was enough to hype up this match and sell an entire Pay-Per-View. No words were needed, just the image of these two great factions squaring off against one another knowing that they are going to give us a high flying, hard hitting and exciting 25 minutes of wrestling.

I think that WrestleMania 30 would have been a perfect place for this match. With The Shield taking on Kane & The New Age Outlaws, which is basically Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor except here the young guys kick some ass. It was a 2 minute match with The Shield plowing through the old men like they were nothing. Later in the card we had Bray Wyatt vs John Cena, with Luke Harper & Eric Rowan not getting a WrestleMania match. Bray Wyatt was chewed up and spit out by John Cena, immediately stopping any momentum that the eater of worlds had going into the show of shows. 

Instead we should have had these two teams colliding to create a truly exciting match, an unbelievably hyped up promo and most importantly, that sacred WrestleMania moment. This match would have no doubt been THE talking point of WrestleMania 30, I guarentee it!    

Number 4 - John Cena vs Daniel Bryan (SummerSlam 2013)

John Cena vs Daniel Bryan.jpg

Now don't get me wrong, this match was great when it happened. Daniel Bryan was very near the peak of his "Yes Movement" powers. The fans were crying out for a massive Daniel Bryan push and they wanted to see him at the very top of WWE. In the meantime, John Cena had the WWE World Heavyweight Championship after beating The Rock at WrestleMania 29 in their second "once in a lifetime" match. Cena then went on to defend his Title in a couple of random and pretty one sided feuds against Ryback and Mark Henry respectively.

John Cena was given the opportunity to choose his own opponent at SummerSlam for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Of course being the boy-scout face that he is, the leader of the Cenation picked the toughest and most deserving opponent that he could think of and that person was of course, Daniel Bryan.

The two men had a great match and to the surprise of many Daniel Bryan defeated John Cena clean in the middle of the ring to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. It was an amazing moment in SummerSlam history and was made even more memorable when Triple H turned heel, giving Bryan a Pedigree and allowing Randy Orton to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase to steal the most prestigious Championship in all of sports entertainment.

Now that was all great but I just feel that many things could have been used in next years WrestleMania 30 much better and this is one of those things. Either hold out and have Daniel Bryan win the Royal Rumble to then defeat Cena at Mania OR use it as a rematch allowing the fans to believe that Big Match John was about to reclaim his WWE Title but swerve everyone by having Bryan retain the gold and announce himself as the true new face of WWE.        

Number 3 - Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Triple H (No Way Out 2001)

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Triple H.jpg

I'm not saying to have this at the next months WrestleMania 17 so please calm down. WrestleMania 17 is one of those events that just shouldn't be touched and I for one loved the Austin heel turn against The Rock though I think it could have been booked much better, maybe I should write an article on how it should have been booked, interesting!

I actually would have had this match at WrestleMania 18. If you're able to think back to 2001, this match happened due to Triple H being the mastermind behind Rikishi's hit and run on Stone Cold Steve Austin. Now I'm not even going to go into how stupid the "Hit & Run" story-line ended up being, we all know it sucked, let's just move on. I would have held out on Triple H being at the forefront of that story-line or even just leave him out of it completely. Instead, I would have had Steve Austin turn on Triple H when The Game got injured later that year and then have the future King of Kings come back with the sole intention of ending Stone Cold Steve Austin forever.

If this 2 out of 3 falls match was on the WrestleMania 18 card, maybe even for the WWE Championship it would have been one of the only matches that could have followed The Rock vs Hulk Hogan successfully OR do the smart thing by having Rock vs Hogan go on last with this incredibly entertaining match be one of the very best mid-card Mania matches of all time.      

Number 2 - Kurt Angle vs The Undertaker (No Way Out 2006)

Kurt Angle vs The Undertaker.jpg

Before I even make my argument on this one, I would like to point out that instead of this being the World Heavyweight Championship match at WrestleMania 22, we got Kurt Angle unsucessfully defending the gold in a triple threat match that seeming lasted about 12 seconds and The Undertaker went one-on-one with Mark Henry in a casket match. Not awful but nothing compared to the level that these two amazing competitors displayed a month before at No Way Out.

Now I know that the passing of Eddie Guerrero lead to WWE's push of Rey Mysterio where the masked cruiserweight won the 2006 Royal Rumble match and went onto to WrestleMania where he won the World Heavyweight Championship. I was a fan of this at the time and as a kid I loved the master of the 619 but I think that this feel good moment could have happened at anytime of the WWE calendar without using one of the WrestleMania main event slots to do it.

Instead I would have had The Undertaker come back at the 2006 Royal Rumble pay-per-view as he did, but have The Deadman win the prestigious 30-man battle royal. The Undertaker and Kurt Angle are two of the very best to ever step foot in a WWE ring and this match itself was surely a career highlight for both men. It was a stellar display by both performers and the fans ate up every single moment of it. If this match went on last at WrestleMania 22 not only would it of helped John Cena from not getting the hate he did but I believe that this match would still be talked about as one of the best title matches in WrestleMania history.       

Number 1 - Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose vs Roman Reigns (Battleground 2016)

Shield Triple Threat.jpg

Well of course this is number one! Not only was this match not at WrestleMania but it was rushed and given away at a pay-per-view that is marginally bigger than Monday Night Raw.

Seth Rollins came back and defeated Roman Reigns for the WWE Championship at Money in the Bank 2016 before The Lunatic Fringe cashed in the PPV briefcase that he won earlier in the night and won the WWE Title for the very first time. All three Shield members held the WWE Championship in the space of 5 minutes and then had a blow off triple threat match for the coveted title at the next pay-per-view, Battleground.

This has got to be one of the biggest missed booking opportunities that WWE have had in years and I will stick my neck out by saying that this match is THE most deserving match to main event WrestleMania in all of the PG Era. In my mind the three men involved made the greatest faction in WWE history and the explosive split of them created 3 individual stars ready for the main event scene. Ever since the split of The Shield all of us fans where asking when we were getting this match and although we did get it, was I the only one that was a little disappointed? The match was quick, the story was rushed and the focus was so much more on the brand split rather than the three men that will quite simply spearhead the entire future of WWE. 

Just leave the fans wanting it and make this match at WrestleMania, give these men the main event and give them the free reigns to do whatever they want and I promise that you'll get one of the very best matches in WrestleMania history.

 Let me know what you think in the comment section below and we at RingUnion will read and respond to as many of you as humanly possible.

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