A True Women's Revolution

A True Women's Revolution

2 years ago we had the birth of the Women's Revolution, sorry, I mean the Stephanie McMahon Women's Revolution, and Women's wrestling has never been taken more seriously. It started with genuine fan favourites such as AJ Lee, Paige and The Bella Twins. The ball was then taken and ran with by the likes of Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks as they made Women's wrestling a highlight of WWE's weekly episodes. These women have done things that would have never been thought of as possible, in the main event of a WWE pay-per-views, the highlight of Monday Night Raw and having the spotlight thrust upon them during WrestleMania week, truly remarkable moments in Women's wrestling. These are things that 10 years ago wouldn't have seemed remotely plausible and are concrete milestones in the Women's Revolution. But could it have been even bigger?

Maybe? Although these steps needed to be taken there are a few moments in the recent past of WWE that could have thrown these incredible female athletes into the deep end to see if they would sink or swim and I have no doubt that every single one of them would have raised the bar and genuinely compete with the Men's division. Here are just a few ways Women's wrestling could have been even bigger.

An All Women's Show

All Women's Show.png

In the summer 2016, WWE had the brand split and drafted superstars to Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live. What if that didn't happen? What if instead they made Monday Night Raw and all Men's show and SmackDown Live an all Women's show? Have Charlotte spear heading the brand with the WWE Women's Championship, Becky Lynch representing the United States with a Women's version of the prestigious Title and Sasha Banks and Bayley introducing the Women's Tag Team gold.

Platforms like NXT and the Mae Young Classic would be direct routes into a much bigger female roster and more amazing athletes from around the world would be given a chance in the WWE as Women would have a full 2 hour show to fill rather than a segment or two. People love to get behind new and ambitious ventures and people love to think that they are apart of something big. This would have been just that!

In The Main Event Of WrestleMania

Charlotte vs Asuka.jpg

Charlotte Flair vs Asuka was the second match of the night at WrestleMania 34 and completely wasted Asuka's undefeated streak, the Women's Championship Match and what would have been an amazing feud. WWE wasted so much stuff in just 13 minutes it's almost impressive. If the Charlotte vs Asuka feud was done correctly I have zero doubt in my mind that it could have been the headline match at the biggest show of the year.

Asuka was one of professional wrestling's hottest properties going into WrestleMania 34. She won the first ever Women's Royal Rumble Match and she was undefeated in the WWE for 914 days! “The Empress Of Tomorrow” had the backing for the indie wrestling fans and the feel of a big WWE superstar and she has been criminally underused on the main roster and it is entirely down to how she was booked at WrestleMania 34. She tapped out?! WTF?! The streak that was regarded as good as the one Goldberg held years earlier and WWE blew it off on the second match of the night in a 13 minute bout that focused more on John Cena in the crowd than it did the two amazing athletes in the ring. Criminal!

Charlotte on the other hand is THE top female wrestler on planet earth for me. She has the nostalgia from her Father, top athleticism and incredible character development. If Charlotte isn't a big feel main event star then I don't know who is! And if she can't be in the main event of WrestleMania then NO WOMEN CAN!

These two women are current stars, beloved by the fans and in their physical prime. We're not wheeling out Lita or Trish Stratus to give the match a “big match feel”, the bout would have a “big match feel” due to the amazing work and current ability from the two superstars involved! With a slow burning 2 month feud starting at the Royal Rumble this match could have been the main event of WrestleMania and not only that but live up to what would be huge hype!

Bring Back Eric Bischoff's Hot Lesbian Action!


I'm just kidding!

Stop Talking About It

Stephanie McMahon.jpg

Yes my final piece of advice for the Women's Revolution is one that may seem controversial and contradictory but hear me out. Even though I have complemented Women's wrestling non-stop that's my job as a fan! I'm meant to praise the things I love, trash the things I hate and show indifference to the things I'm indifferent to. The one thing that will kill ANYTHING with professional wrestling fans is shoving things down our throat! Roman Reigns, rejected, John Cena, rejected, Roman Reigns, rejected! I know I said Roman Reigns twice but he's been rejected that hard! My point is, stop telling us how amazing these female athletes are, stop telling us how big it is and stop shoving this whole pro-women wrestling movement down our throats.

We will tell you how much we love it with our wallet and our voice! We'll buy tickets, we'll buy the pay-per-views and we'll buy the merchandise. We will cheer or we will boo, please stop making everything so corporate and just let us enjoy the moments.

Let me know what you think in the comment section below!

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